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Polar Bears belong in the icy wilderness, not at the circus.

If the images and footage you have seen of Polar Bears in circuses bothers you, than join the rest of us. 


The Ivanovo circus in Russia and their two trainers Yulia Denisenko & Yuriy Khokhlov are responsible for a life of misery for the Polar Bears they torture day in and day out. These bears are forced to sing, dance, ice skate and play football all while being threatened with violence if they do not perform. The trainers have unashamedly and openly discussed the violent routine involved to 'break' these bears while they are still cubs to enforce submissive behaviour towards their trainers as they grow.

The RSPCA, has said "on average, a Polar Bear's enclosure is about one-millionth of the area of its minimum range in the wild".

They added: "Even compared to zoos, circus cages and pens provide a very restricted amount of space."

PETA’s Associate Director, Elisa Allen has been quoted saying "We have spoken to trainers for Russian circuses who burn bears with cigarettes, strike them with metal bars and use other torture methods, in addition to forcing cubs to stand on their hind legs by chaining them to a wall so that they will strangle if they attempt to return to a natural all-fours stance.

"Many cubs die before the harsh training even begins because of the stress of capture, grueling transportation conditions, food deprivation, dehydration and extremely rough handling.

"The survivors often have the tops of their muzzles pierced with hot needles and a rope threaded through the holes in their septum – they perform under the constant threat of punishment."

Although circuses are slowly being recognised as a display of animal torture for human entertainment, there are still thousands operating across the world. There are many ways you can actively not support the industry by not attending circuses, showing your children documentaries on animals in their natural habitat while teaching them that animals should be in the wild and not made to perform for our entertainment and sharing the information with your friends and families. By vowing not to support this industry you are single handily participating in the closure of circuses.

Polar Bears belong in the wild where they can travel long distances, hunt, swim and live in their natural habitat. They do not belong in a circus, zoo or any kind of captivity. 

Click here for more information on the Polar Bears & animals in Grandview Aquarium that we are desperately wanting to close down (via the Dodo) 

There are many petitions circulating that have been created to bring awareness to the barbaric practice of Polar Bear captivity. Please sign, share and help shine a spotlight on this abhorrent cruelty. - Stop Ivanovo circus from torturing Polar Bears

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