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“Saving one animal won’t change the world,

but it will change the world for that one animal”

My journey into animal conservation began in 2012 when I rescued my dog, Butchy, from death row. It was here where my passion for helping animals grew after witnessing firsthand the life changing moment an animals life is saved. I realised that human beings hold so much power to determine the existence or demise of animals across our planet and I wanted to use that power to do some good. Butchy made me see that every animal deserves a second chance and all animals want to live a happy life - just as we do.


I immersed myself with helping in any way I could; signing endless petitions, fundraising, volunteering, attending conferences and donating to charities that could make a difference on my behalf, but although I knew I was making a small difference, I wanted to do more.


After having a 'light bulb' moment, I decided to transform myself from a ‘couch animal warrior’ and soon after World Animal Warriors was born. I now work in the rescue and rehabilitation of vulnerable, endangered and critically endangered species whilst also guiding like minded people in the front line of animal expeditions.


One of the greatest gifts we can give to our planet is our time and our hearts and for every light you shine, you can make a powerful difference. 

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